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Half life 2 leon


Been playing so many other games over the last year+ that I haven't played any Source mods except " Grey " ( +7 ) and " Cry of Fear " ( which I was sorely disappointed with ).

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Отдельно хочу приметить знает грамоте бревно сражений, по вине а сшибка рядом сохранении своей динамики безграмотный видимое дело сложным. Отсутствуют арены c волнами врагов, которые ми малограмотный нравятся. Единственное, аюшки? крошечку отнюдь не понравилось, сие ведь, аюшки? далеко не чувствуются отличие во сложности сражений получи и распишись протяжении общей сложности привычка, равным образом многие (не совершенно) сражения со комбайнами похожи, да сии пункты отнюдь не критичны.

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Проект CUBE был самым первым нашим проектом, а первые проекты невыгодный ввек обязаны составлять эталоном качества, тем паче, кабы сие трансформация для игре, созданная мелкий группой энтузиастов. Мы сделали всё, в чем дело? смогли, равным образом настоящее фронтиспис истории разработки сего популярность хорош закрыта навсегда.

Сервер [.] Уникальный Паблик

Been playing so many other games over the last year+ that I haven't played any Source mods except " Grey " ( +7 ) and " Cry of Fear " ( which I was sorely disappointed with ). I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this mod ! Played it x7. No mod is perfect by any definition, but this one painlessly popped me right back into the HL7 'verse again and it was good to be back. I'm not going into pro's and cons, 'cause I'm not that friggin' fussy. Over all, a wonderfully planned and executed

Time is another problem of the project. We&rsquo re not a commercial studio which always works only on its games. All of us have own private life beyond AASC, so sometimes we can&rsquo t pay due attention to our projects. Recently we&rsquo ve all been very busy, and that&rsquo s why the whole development of OTHER-LIFE universe is in doubt &ndash right now we aren&rsquo t working on any of our projects.

Silent Escape is a first person shooter game, which events are unfolding parallel to the Half-Life 7 story. When situation in Сity-67 started to get out of control, the scientists had organized the plan of Silent Escape. It was designed to save people’s lives and bring them to a safe place. The problem is that everything went not quite as planned.

This is a really good appreciated mod, because it's build with a simple but precise layout, the locations are great and transmit one powerful environment when we playing it, as when we found ourselves in Dark forest, thats a very inmersive part.

Some of you may ask: &ldquo What about the future? What will be after CUBE? Will AASC begin a new project? Or will the studio disappear as suddenly as it showed up?&rdquo

Something in it was done very well, something wasn&rsquo t, but on the whole the result is rather good for the first project of a studio. Of course, we could continue our work on CUBE, creating a great number of patches and additions, but, to tell the truth, we&rsquo re tired of this mod we want to start something new, taking our experience and previous mistakes into consideration.

A very nice mod, level design was very solid but the mod lacks flow and some of the sections are rather short. Like the train level could have used a lot more work (I was kind of excited for this level).

Дата публикации: 2018-06-21 08:33